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Now there is a new approach to protecting yourself from the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Concerns about the hazards of the effects of EMF on human health are rising as the levels of electro-magnetic smog are increasing.


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  • Completely new approach
  • Greatly improved protection over other methods
  • Continues to protect you even with long exposure to cell phones and other forms of EMF radiation

In our modern times with the tremendous increases in EMF radiation in the environment, it is not only cell phone users who are being affected, it is everyone. We live in a sea of "e-smog." We are continually being bombarded by exposure to electromagnetic fields.

This happens every time you are near a cell phone, every time you sit in front of a computer, or watch TV, or drive past a high power line, use a hair dryer, or sit near stereo speakers and listen to music. It even happens when you are under florescent lights, standing near a microwave oven, or even holding a TV remote control on your lap. There is even an influence on you from the magnetic strips on the back of credit cards that you carry in your wallet. Fortunately, there is now a new highly effective way to offset these pervasive stresses—The EMF Pendant.

Thus far, developers of radiation protection products have taken the approach of either absorbing or deflecting the radiation. But this is not sufficient for today's e-smog burdened environment. The EMF Pendant takes a totally different approach by directly stimulating the body's regulatory systems to overcome the negative effects of the EMF.

When bio-energetic tests are carried out it is clear that products that only absorb or deflect radiation may help initially, but after a short time testing indicates that the absorption or deflecting effects gradually wear off as the body is subjected to continued stress of the EMF.

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